We're back in the good ole US of A and I wanted to write this while it's still fresh in my head
  1. Waiters not bugging you during meals
    Actually having to ask for the bill was kind of delightful
  2. Clean bathrooms (for the most part)
    Probably because we had to pay to use them, but most of them were so clean (except Roma's Termini station, ew)
  3. Amazing public transportation
    Seriously, we oohed and aahed in most cities. It was so easy getting everywhere!
  4. Beer being acceptable at almost every meal
    Beer with breakfast? Sure. A few liters during your three hour dinner? Why the hell not.
  5. Cars actually yield for pedestrians
    The roads in Europe were definitely crazy, but I'll be damned if people didn't slam on the brakes for pedestrians and obey crosswalk rules. Delightful.
  6. Colorful money
    So pretty!
  7. People-watching
    Oh man, I felt like I didn't have enough eyes to see everything
  8. Magnificent old churches
  9. Cool doors
  10. Gorgeous floors
  11. More locally-owned shops and restaurants vs. chains
    No disrespect to chains, there are ones I love, but it was so cool to me to see SO many restaurants and not a single Taco Bell or something.