Background: my husband had some Naval training to do in Florida and we have already spent five weeks apart thanks to the Navy, so I decided to tag along.
  1. Liquid hand soap
    Our hotel only has bar soap and I feel like my hands aren't actually getting clean.
  2. My nightstand
    There is only one nightstand in our room and there's nothing I could repurpose as a nightstand. I wear glasses. This is quite annoying.
  3. Wi-Fi that automatically connects
    Going to the login page EVERY SINGLE TIME I use my computer is getting a bit old.
  4. Knowing the channels on my TV
    There is no guide on this hotel's TV. Major first-world problem.
  5. Vegetables
    We've had to go out to eat basically every night and the options are somewhat limited, so I feel like I have gut rot going on. I resorted to ordering grilled vegetables at a bar and they were (thankfully) delicious.
  6. Two bathrooms
    My husband and I both have this annoying tendency of needing to pee right when we get home from dinner, so that's been fun.
  7. My bed
    Our bed is glorious. I'm a sheets snob so it's cozy and soft as fuck. This bed at the Navy Inn? Not so much. I haven't had a proper night's sleep in two weeks.
  8. Not feeling like I have to wear pants
    I love being pantsless at home. It's super comfortable and it cuts down on laundry. But it feels wrong in a hotel room where God only knows the last time they wiped down that chair or vacuumed that gnarly carpet.