I kept this list in my notes as we traveled. I tried hard not to be a silly American, but there are some luxuries that we have that I missed
  1. Free refills
    We didn't actually have that much pop while overseas, but still, free refills are delightful
  2. Free water at meals
    Ugh. This one bummed me out.
  3. Peanut butter
    Unpopular opinion: Nutella is overrated as hell
  4. Knowing what bathroom to use without using Google
    That French cafe in Vienna totally messed with my head
  5. Clearly-labeled street names
    So frustrating
  6. Cheaper beverages overall
    It got better as we went further south, but even buying a bottle of water in Berlin was crazy expensive
  7. Milk
    God I missed it.
  8. Being in a small town aka no crowds
    This was our own doing, as we chose to visit big cities, but I got so sick of being around people all the time
  9. Sidewalks that are big enough to actually fit people
  10. Things being open on Sunday
    This kept us on our toes
  11. Being able to login to our AT&T account
    Apparently they have a new rule where you can't log in while out of the country. We had to call someone and have them read details of our account to us. SO STUPID.
  12. Normal (to me) sized washing machines
    We were lucky enough to have washing machines in almost all of our rentals, but they were so tiny and took forever! I got home and did so much laundry so quickly, I could sing!
  13. Dryers!
    We hung all of our clothes to dry, which was completely fine, but I still missed our dryer
  14. Things being open when they said they'd be open
    We ran into this problem mostly in Italy (not surprising, I know). We'd find a restaurant we'd want to try and look at their hours, go there, and they'd be closed. I'm all for living your life, but maybe update your hours when you're off living?