Inspired by @lexie_elyse
  1. My husband is both a prof and a grad student (he teaches in a Naval ROTC unit and he's working on his Masters in Economics) so he gets a winter break that lasts six or seven weeks and I consider it my winter break as well 😁
    Thank you, higher education!
  2. Go to Minnesota and see my family
    Time to see those babies... and the rest of the family and some friends, but especially the babies
  3. Go to Virginia and meet our newest niece
    My winter break will revolve around babies and I'm completely fine with it
  4. Go to South Bend and go to a Notre Dame hockey game one night and a basketball game the following afternoon
    The football team broke my damn heart this season, so I'm hoping one of these other teams can lift my spirit
  5. See these movies:
  6. Sing!
  7. La La Land
  8. Star Wars: Rogue One
  9. Hidden Figures
  10. Office Christmas Party
  11. And there are probably others, but these are the highest on the list
  12. House Projects:
  13. Install crown moulding in the bedrooms
    Because our rooms will obviously look like this when we are done 😂
  14. Install recessed lighting in the bedroom
    Not using the hallway light for guidance anymore will be AMAZING!
  15. Replace the light fixtures in the hallway
  16. Take advantage of the town being empty
    Life is so much easier when the kids are gone on winter break, like we can actually eat at restaurants we like, even on a weekend, so we need to take advantage of that
  17. Break in our new cast iron skillets
    Early Christmas present from my in-laws. My husband is beside himself wanting to cook all the things, which is a pleasant change of pace, so I will gladly step aside to let him do that
  18. Scour @shanaz's Goodreads page for book recommendations
    And read anything else that is finally freed from my hold list at the library
  19. Relax
    Christmas with my family will not be relaxing (yay family dynamics!) so some R&R will be most necessary after the Minnesota trip 😬