Sorry, guys
  1. Preschool: the straw table
    Apparently it was frowned upon in that establishment to have straw-throwing fights. No more straw table after that.
  2. 4th grade: painting flower pots for Mother's Day
    Finger painting was not appreciated at that time. The next classes all had to use stickers and paint pens.
  3. 8th grade: the overnight class trip to Camp Widjiwagen
    The boys in our grade decided to play a prank and basically destroy the girls cabins when we were at the lake. Our school was not welcome at the camp after that 😁
  4. 12th grade: Powderpuff football game hijinks
    Roughly 40 of us slept over at one girl's house and left at 1am to TP 11th grade girls' houses. The Saran Wrap and pads-with-ketchup-on-cars paired with our reckless driving was probably a bit much, so the town police stepped up patrols after that and things calmed down a lot after that.
  5. Sophomore year: Toga dance
    Poorly-constructed togas + alcohol + dancing = high increase in supervision before and during future toga dances
  6. Commencement weekend: party on the steps
    My university had this tradition where you didn't walk up the stairs of the administration building as an undergrad because then you wouldn't graduate. My class decided to host a bit of a party on the steps the night of commencement. Champagne flowing, music blaring, it was wonderful. The university wasn't as thrilled and made sure to have lots of security present in the years following our graduation.