1. I'm waiting to get blood drawn and this waiting room is the absolute worst
  2. I'm on a loveseat and there is a guy who is a total wide-sitter next to me
  3. I barely like being touched by people I know, let alone strangers who smell like cigarettes
  4. Not only is he a wide sitter, he also jiggles both of his legs, so the entire loveseat is shaking
  5. I don't think there is a way for me to move without looking like an asshole, so I'm stuck here
  6. Across from me is a lady named Linda with the button sound still on her phone
  7. Behind me is a mother-daughter duo who are commenting on the automatic door opening without anyone being there EVERY SINGLE TIME IT HAPPENS and whether the hospital has a ghost
    It's like being stuck in a terrible time loop
  8. I slept very little last night after my husband woke up swearing because he realized his terrible coworker scheduled all of these required meetings for Friday afternoon, thus ruining his plan to leave early for guys' weekend with his brothers
    Seriously, he just sat up in bed and said "GOD DAMNIT BRENT!" out of nowhere
  9. I really hope that this isn't setting the tone for the week
  11. I give up
  12. Giphy
  13. Now some lady across the room has decided to pass the (unusually long) waiting time by CLICKING A PEN.
    She's barbaric.
  14. So apparently this is not limited to waiting rooms at doctors' offices. I'm waiting to get my fingerprints taken for TSA Precheck and some guy is watching a video without headphones!!!!
  15. OH MY GOD HE HAS HEADPHONES! He just has one in and whatever he is listening to is SO loud that I can hear it coming from the second earbud hanging around his neck.
    What a prick.
  16. This other guys is conducting business on the phone on SPEAKERPHONE! WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK.
    He's arguing with the local government over a tax abatement for his house that he can't live in due to mold. He hasn't lived there in four months. Fun times.
  17. Jack, the mold guy, still has the button click sound on his phone as well. He's just a fucking delight.
  18. AND WE'RE BACK, this time at the RE's office
    (Reproductive endocrinologist)
  19. There is a couple in the waiting room next to me, and the husband is watching instructional DIY videos for how to frame a wall and hang drywall
    Because clearly everyone wants to listen to a nail gun at 10am 😩