Thanks for this, @dad3
  1. First concert?
    NSYNC with the girl group Eden's Crush as the opener. I got the tickets in my basket from the Easter Bunny. It was WONDERFUL!
  2. Stripes or solids?
    Stripes. I have a major issue with buying striped shirts.
  3. Who would star as you in a movie about you?
    Jenny Slate (God I wish).
  4. Where do you go when fast food is in order?
    Chick-Fil-A for an 8 piece nugget meal with a diet lemonade and waffle fries 😛
  5. Favorite chip?
    Tostitos Original (when paired with Tostitos Medium Restaurant Style Salsa) or Nacho Cheese Doritos (when drunk/hungover).
  6. What animal best defines you?
    A sleepy Corgi
  7. My DQ order?
    Medium chocolate ice cream cone
  8. Worst injury ever sustained?
    I had a heat stroke when I was twelve (not sure if that counts as an injury, but it did result in a very intense ambulance ride). Otherwise I did break my hip when I was thirteen when an incredibly large girl slid into me at home plate (still tagged her out, tcha)
  9. Favorite pastime?
    Reading outside while snacking
  10. If you were a color, what would it be?
    Mint green
  11. Apple or other?
    I'm a big fan of both the fruit and the computer company.
  12. Morning or night?
    Night. Definitely. There's better stuff to do and it's more acceptable to be on your couch and do nothing at night.
  13. My go to song?
    Ah! This is hard. Probably "Into the Mystic" by Van Morrison
  14. Most recent book you read and would recommend?
    Washington by Ron Chernow (the same biographer who wrote Hamilton's biography that inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the musical)
  15. I couldn't live without this flavor?
    Chocolate. God I feel so vanilla saying that.
  16. Number of times you participated in TPing someone's house?
    Six or seven maybe? Almost all were in one night (see previous list). I also tinfoiled someone's entire room once.
  17. If you could have one thing you don't have today, what would it be?
    A baby.
  18. Gotta get away, where are you going?
    Charleston, SC. There's the beach, there's great food, awesome history; it's hard to beat.
  19. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be, mentally speaking?
    I would be less of a wimp. More committed. When I said I'll do something, I wouldn't let myself slack off and not do it. Why would I treat a commitment to myself anything differently than I do a commitment to someone else?
  20. Something about you that has yet to be shared?
    I'm starting to think that I'm a bit too much of a loner for my own good.