Queen Bey turns 34 years old today. We're celebrating with 34 photos of her ***FLAWLESS lifestyle.
  1. Well, if the sweatshirt says so...
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  2. Just your average baby announcement at the VMAs
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  3. Imma let you finish with this list, but Single Ladies *was* one of the greatest videos of all time.
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  4. Brushing her shoulders off with Barack.
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  5. We, too, woke up like this.
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  6. Making friends court side at the @BrooklynNets
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  7. 👰🏾❤️🙌🏾
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  8. Crawling into bed.
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  9. Casual night out with some friends
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  10. Queen B + Queen O
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  11. Hotel dance party.
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  12. "This is your captain, Beyoncé, speakinguhhhh... Well be cruising at an altitude of 34,000 feet todayuhhhh... Expecting a smooth ride so uhhhh sitbackandrelaxwelcomeaboard."
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  13. Inaugurating Obama, natch.
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  14. Flash tats on fleek
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  15. Stretching.
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  16. Stretching, again.
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  17. 💙
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  18. Oh hai Oscar.
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  19. Madiba even swoons for Bey.
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  20. Short hair, don't care.
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  21. Running errands at Walmart.
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  22. 💁🏽
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  23. Touchdown
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  24. Your Coachella experience wasn't like this?
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  25. Even as a kid...
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  26. 'Cause I'm out in the club And I'm sippin that bubb And you're not gonna reach my telephone
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  27. Fore.
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  28. Sitting in a chair.
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  29. Air travel is so taxing these days...
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  30. Super Bowl Super Boss
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  31. Probably drinking boxed wine.
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  32. Weeeee! 🎢
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  33. Mixing prints.
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  34. Happy birthday, Bey!
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