Inspired by @alys
  1. Franco
    Hated that awful last season of Scrubs, but @amber thinks I look like him, "kinda," and I like her, so I guess he's okay?
  2. Foley
    KITH forever. Newsradio forever. Literally everything else he's done? Meh.
  3. Mustaine
    When awful politics happen to good guitarists, you can't even enjoy their old work.
  4. Mamet
    When awful politics happen to good playwrights, you can't even enjoy their old work.
  5. Letterman
    I always liked his DGAF-ness, but I never found him funny.
  6. Thomas
    Wendy's 4 Lyfe. I dip my fries in my Frosty because IDGAF.
  7. Grohl
    Nirvana was awesome, and the first Foo Fighters record was awesome, and all the other Foo Fighters records suck. But he seems like a super rad dude.
  8. Coulier
    Pro: got head in a theatre. Con: ought to have known.
  9. Tennant
    Preliminary score, high. Final tally incomplete pending goodness/badness of Jessica Jones.
  10. Price
    Depends on where he signs. With the Jays? High. Anywhere else in the AL East? Low. Elsewhere in MLB, not AL East? Solid B+.
  11. Robinson
    The Admiral — classy AF.
  12. Lynch
  13. Chappelle
  14. Cross
  15. Sedaris
  16. Cronenberg
    God. His wild misses are better than your hits.
  17. Foster Wallace
    Genius. God. I wish so many mediocre white men didn't leave Infinite Jest around to prove to everyone how smart they are, because, like, you're missing the point. DFW would have hated you.