i use "guy" because this comes from my own experiences, but it might work for other genders as well (though cis male confidence is unlike any other).
  1. they add you on every form of social media first
    usually always within the same day. and they DON'T do the same thing to your friends.
  2. they only like the selfies you post/things you post about boys/body positivity
    they're not liking your jokes or rants. just the things you post in hopes a guy will notice.
  3. they use the ❤️love❤️ reaction thing on your Facebook posts
    i mean, come on. (remind yourself of previous bullet)
  4. they go back and like old posts of yours
    this one creeps me out
  5. they Facebook message you (THE biggest indicator)
    they're not going to message you checking up on you if they're not into you. only exception being if they're just asking you for the homework (but even then?).
  6. CONCLUSION: don't take this list & decide to stop doing any of these things bc you're definitely boosting the confidence of the person you're flirting with & i promise they need it
    💗💗💗keep flirtin💗💗💗