my body is tired but my mind is awake (in order of intensity of thoughts)
  1. how funny i am
    i haven't written a tweet that's gone well in days/almost a week & i'm not satisfied unless i write one per day (successful tweet= 2+ RT's and around 8 likes). are my sketches good enough to produce? the notes my teacher gave me were very promising but i'm still nervous
  2. my crush
    tonight my crush came over to chat with me!!! it was a very friendly convo so i don't think it was anything but boy do i have heart eyes
  3. insecurities
    i'm already so insecure about my looks and i've decided to grow out my pixie cut which is arguably the worst hair phases anyone can go through (not worse than balding)
  4. texting
    what it takes for a person to text first & why people think certain times are right to call it quits on a text conversation
  5. flirting
    help me be good at this
  6. study abroad
    the one thing that makes me truly sad i decided not to go to college. i desperately want to go abroad for a while and have an excuse to do it.
  7. moving
    i'm supposed to be moving to NYC in two weeks but still have not found a place
  8. heat
    it's so hot in my room & these are my last weeks with central air but my parents refuse to turn it on
  9. that i need to go to bed