I hope that one day I'll be popular enough to have my own podcast(s). There are more ideas than this but I'll leave you with five. (All titles end with "...With Emma De Matteo")
  1. Comedians Advise
    The podcast where I ask professional comedians questions from aspiring comedians. Us wannabe's asking professionals for advice on our comedic journeys. Questions received via Twitter but mixed into interview conversation between the comedian and myself. Please fund this one, @nerdist or Earwolf or somebody, anybody. I'm available.
  2. The Goss on Gosling
    The podcast dedicated solely to talking about Ryan Gosling. Current gossip surrounding him and his movies. This one I'd do with @peteholmes as my cohost.
  3. Can I Be On Your Podcast?
    The podcast where I call people asking to be featured on their podcasts. Not sure what would happen if I got a yes. Need to workshop the idea.
  4. The Office Romance
    The podcast where I interview people on their favorite couples on The Office. Each episode will be on a different couple, so not everyone would be allowed to say their favorite is Jim and Pam (great couple, but an obvious answer). Bonus: Who are your favorite couples, @bjnovak @mindy?
  5. Sports Schmorts: Getting To Know Athletes
    The podcast where I, someone who knows nothing about sports, ask professional athletes questions. The questions would be about other aspects of their lives and end with me asking what the appeal of sports is exactly (no offense).