I love myself, but I have flaws.
  1. I slack off.
    I can only get myself in the zone to do my work if I have a deadline. I'd be so lucky to ever HAVE deadlines.
  2. My two pairs of American Apparel denim shorts are a size too big now because I keep skipping meals.
    I wish I could get hungry. But I also love the way I look this thin. I'm not sure what to do about it.
  3. I'm too nice.
    I keep staying friends with people that don't treat me right.
  4. My laugh is too loud.
    Oh god, shut up.
  5. I'm too optimistic.
    I'm always getting my hopes up and I idealize every situation.
  6. I try to solve everything.
    Problems between my family members. I'm often the messenger getting shot.
  7. I'm scared.
    I'm scared of everything.