the guys who have came onto me recently

Wanted or not. (a 🕸 indicates they do comedy)
  1. the nerdy one i had a crush on that asked me on a date 🕸
    i had an awfully anxious time. he really liked me, but i found that i wasn't interested at all and he didn't notice.
  2. the immature one who had just broke up with his girlfriend 🕸
    i rejected him pretty quickly. now when we speak he's incredibly rude to me bc i guess i killed his ego.
  3. the experienced one i've been warned about, but am still attracted to 🕸
    he's the most blunt one out of the whole list, but i think he's lost interest. it's mostly just sexual tension.
  4. the rich one who would sleep with anyone that's willing (not sure if he does comedy or not, but probably)
    kept touching my waist. i don't think he showers regularly.
  5. the one from jersey who smokes 🕸
    gives everyone in our friend group a bit of a weird vibe. makes me uncomfortable.
  6. the bartenders
    leaving them in a group. i'm pretty sure they flirt with every girl that stays at the bars that late (for the record i don't frequently go to bars, these were after parties for a show i attend)
  7. i've never had attention from dudes until this year & none of it is what i've always idealized in my head
    the (cis) male gaze is threatening & i just want someone to make me feel safe