ways to describe the ways i dress

(will be updated w more current photos on occasion)
  1. Single mother in the 1990's
  2. Little League coach
  3. (fits with the above description)
    I know what time it is! We need to get to practice by 5!
    This is my favorite necklace
  5. Exclusively crop tops and high waisted bottoms
  6. Blanket Chic
    This jacket could be mistaken for a blanket
  7. Only black, but only at work
    I never wear all black unless it's when I'm working at the gallery.
  8. Obsessed with my dog
  9. Funky socks, everyday
    And my cat, Slinky
  10. Fun with nail polish
  11. (another example)
    Both pictures taken directly after painted, forgive the mess
  12. Velvet daydreams
    + necklace
  13. Things I want my style to be:
    More skirts/dresses. More feminine (my pixie cut leads to insecurities surrounding my femininity). More patterns. More high waisted (even though it's already all I wear. I need more.)