1. Bathe baby in warm water, with dim lights and soft talking
    Bath time before bed should not be play time. If baby is invigorated by bathing, try it earlier in the day.
  2. Try using the superswaddle technique to wrap baby for bed
    YouTube 'superswaddle'
  3. Install a red lightbulb into a baby lamp. Use as the only light source to put baby to sleep and to feed overnight
    Red lights keep baby drowsy but enable you to see
  4. Turn on a white noise machine as baby is winding down
    If machine has a timer, set it for 1hr so it will automatically stop
  5. Don't make eye contact with baby during night feedings. Baby will try to play; instead, maintain silence, shut your eyes (pretend you are asleep) and even look away if you have to.
    Baby will eventually learn that daytime is for play and nighttime is for sleep