If I only I knew then what I know now
  1. Don't be eager to grow up
    Wanting to be an adult is foolish - with adult life comes responsibility, lots of it
  2. Take consumer ed
    Learn how to do basic things like pay taxes, open a credit card, balance a checkbook and play the stock market
  3. Stop being so dramatic
    The dark makeup, short hair, emo music and dedication to being negative will just cause you to push people away and focus on the worst parts of your young adult life - cut it out. You have no reason to bitch.
  4. Dedicate more time to dancing
    Practice flexibility, learn how to do basic acrobats, spend more time in ballet and jazz classes.
  5. Try out for the school play
    Always wanted to be a part of our high school play or musical - have the guts to go for it!
  6. Don't take friendships for granted
    While I'm lucky to still have a lot of my HS friends 14yrs after graduation, there were many people that I wished I had made an effort to stay in touch with.
  7. Drop fairweather friends
    Don't keep relationships above water when you know deep down they're going to sink...and often times, take your happiness with them
  8. Take time to decide your major
    Don't let external influences or the perception of a glamorous job steer you in the wrong direction. Do your research. What kind of job can you really get with a Microbiology BS?
  9. Don't binge drink weekends away
    College isn't for drinking only; do other fun activities like joining a club, playing a sport, or volunteering. Screw everyone who thinks you're uncool for not partying every weekend.
  10. Discover who you really are in college
    Don't worry so much about grades and working shitty retail jobs to pay rent; explore the culture and diversity a college campus has to offer and find yourself - this is the only time you can do it without adult pressures.