1. Decorate a cake
    Have a little one and want to be 'that' mom
  2. Change car oil/tire
    I've watched, but never actually done
  3. Hem
    Pants, skirts, etc
  4. Do basic acrobats
    Handstands, backbends, etc - always wanted to, now just have to find the time/dedication
  5. Invest
    401K contributions are usually by default - there's got to be a better way
  6. Refinish furniture
    Sanding, staining, polishing sounds simple enough...but flat without creativity
  7. Drive a manual
    I've attempted over the years, but I need to get over my fear
  8. Publish a book
    A novel, a kids book, whichever comes first
  9. Raise a child
    5 months old and growing...I'm hoping I'll learn as I go!