Chance 3 will be released later this week. Here's what I'm hoping we'll hear.
  1. Kendrick Lamar feature
    I'd argue that Chance and Kendrick are the two best current rappers so this would be an awesome thing to hear.
  2. Childish Gambino feature
    He's hinted that he might be done with the rap game, but I'm not entirely sure the rap game is done with him. Atlanta may keep him busy, but maybe Chance convinced him to drop a verse on C3
  3. Kanye production
    As Chance worked with Kanye on 5 songs for Pablo, I hope that we hear some of that quality Kanye production on C3
  4. Horns and Strings
    Chance does some pretty fun stuff with his music choices. His project with The Social Experiment, Surf, featured tons of horns. Would love to hear more of that.
  5. Beyoncé feature
    This is a LONG shot but that would be pretty dope if Beyoncé popped up.