Comics written by (gasp!) women that you should be reading

The owner of one of my local comic shops listed his top 25 favorite comics from 2016 and ONE of them was written by a woman. ONE. Out of TWENTY-FIVE. Assuming that more men probably need to be notified that yes, women not only read comics but are also capable or writing them, I've compiled a small list.
  1. Faith, written by Jody Houser
    Not only is this a comic written by a woman, but Faith is also (the nerve) fat and it's beautiful. And it's a non-issue. Imagine a world where a woman isn't defined by her size, can fly, is telekinetic, and isn't hyper-sexualized. Bless you for this, Jody and Valiant.
  2. Slam! written by Pamela Ribon
    Young women of different backgrounds and ethnicities find themselves through roller derby. That sentence right there should be enough to convince you to read it. It's also the best time to jump in, since it's in its early stages
  3. The Punisher written by Becky Cloonan
    Frank Castle written by a woman? Really? Yes, really. Not only that, but Becky completely understands the way he should be written-gritty, dirty, and completely heroic.
  4. Mother Panic written by Jody Houser
    From the first issue when Violet mutters, "Fuck the bat" I knew I was so in. Everything Young Animal is putting out right now is groundbreaking, and this title's no different.
  5. Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat written by Kate Leth
    It hurts this Marvel fan to admit it, but they've been pretty hit or miss lately. Not with Hellcat though. It's fun, full of amazing team ups, and Patsy is just so relatable. Bonus points for lots of She Hulk cameos.
  6. Shade the Changing Girl written by Cecil Castellucci
    Another title from Young Animal, and my favorite by far. Do yourself a favor beforehand and read the Wiki article on Shade the Changing Man for some back story.
  7. Supergirl Being Super written by Mariko Tamaki
    This is a 4 part mini series and was probably my favorite title to come out in 2016. It's an origin story, yes, but Mariko does it in a completely different way. She stated that she was heavily influenced by Lumberjanes, which I didn't include in this list because everyone probably knows it already. But if you don't, get on that shit.
  8. Hawkeye written by Kelly Thompson
    Hawkeye isn't just the dude with abs. (Although Clint is so much more than the dude with abs.) There's also Kate Bishop Hawkeye and she's the shit. This series is everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I'd die for Kate.
  9. Batgirl written by Hope Larson
    I only discovered this new incarnation of Barbara Gordon's Batgirl fairly recently through Camera Stewart, and Hope continued the tradition of it being totally badass.
  10. Bitch Planet written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
    Do yourself a favor and read the essays on feminism included in the back of each issue as well.
  11. Spell on Wheels written by Kate Leth
    For those of us who grew up watching The Craft and rooting for Willow Rosenberg, this title is right up our alley. Think Thelma and Louise, but three of them and they're witches.
  12. There are so many more, obviously.
    Do your research, and let the publishers know we want more female creators by putting your money where your mouth is. The same goes for women who illustrate, color, do lettering, and edit as well.