Since April 1st
  1. Venice Beach
    Love watching these guys skate, love the light
  2. Smoky Citrine from Ojai
  3. Venice
    Great interplay of light and architecture in Venice
  4. Huntington Desert Garden
    Could spend all day here
  5. Zac in Echo Park
    Helping me shoot a video piece for an upcoming Allie Hankins performance. Zac is the man behind the curtain who writes the daily dose of 5 Every Day recommendations.
  6. Jason in Venice
    Jason is a recent Atlanta transplant to LA, and my friend from Phoot Camp
  7. Lisa in Carlsbad
    Not LA but close enough. Lisa Wells is publishing a new book with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, so I drove down to catch up with her and shoot her new author portrait. Check out her essay collection, "Yeah, No, Totally."
  8. Commerce I
  9. Commerce II
  10. #selfie