It's the little things.
  1. Laughing so hard no sound comes out
    Top of the list! This is especially fun with my sister because she looks like a crazy person with her mouth stretched open and body convulsing and it just makes you laugh harder.
  2. Giving someone a gift for no reason other than you thought of them when you saw it
    I kind of think this is even more fun when it's not for a great friend but for someone you just think is great. Could also be deemed super creepy, but you know your heart was in the right place and they'll still probably enjoy it.
  3. Hot tea
    I drink about 5 or 6 cups of tea a day, on average. Earl grey in the morning, jasmine during work hours, and a variety of fruity decafs in the eve. My doctor told me that counts as water intake, which is great bc otherwise I would shrivel up like a raisin and die.
  4. 67 degrees and breezy
    Hang a light jacket on my grave.
  5. Friends ending phone calls with "I love you."
    I feel lucky to have a number of friends with whom this sentiment is exchanged in earnest on the regular; its power is never diminished.
  6. Someone with whom you could talk for hours and hours and still not want to stop talking with
    I think this is really rare and special. Highly likely to fall for this person.
  7. Laughing in bed together
    In my book, a playful relationship is a strong relationship. Being your dumbest selves with each other in your most comfy and intimate zone is what I live for.
  8. Strong hugs
    Even just the word "hug" makes me think of my good friend Kathy who gives--hands down--the world's most satisfying hugs: never rushed, always tight, slow release, with a tender arm caress. I feel better just imagining them. My parents are also great huggers.
  9. Being taken care of when you're sick
    A boyfriend who makes a special trip to the store for fruit (bc nutrients!), a friend that drives halfway across town to bring you meds (bc you live alone with memories of having had boyfriends that brought you fruit), mom who gives you a glass of Canada Dry ginger ale and won't stop asking if there's anything else you want like soup or some crackers I could make a minestrone are you sure you're not hungry you need to eat baby what, what can I get you--PLEASE mom just the ginger ale. Thank you.
  10. Running into the ocean
    Straight up. I love the ocean with wild abandon.
  11. Jumping into a cool pool on a hot day
    I don't care if this seems to contradict the previous item. They're both the best.
  12. Being/Dancing/Playing underwater
    For someone who's always slightly dehydrated I sure do love the water: the feeling of my body moving freely and unrestricted by gravity; movements made preternaturally graceful by the resistance; the rest of the world on mute for just a sec...this is magic to me and one of my all-time favorite sensations.
  13. Eye contact with someone you're developing real feelings for
  14. Orgasm
    Last but not least!