Nirvana lyrics reimagined as millennial tweets.
  1. I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel #blessed
    🙏🏼 so blessed
  2. I'm so happy cuz today I found my #friends 👯
    We can't be without each other because we aren't whole people.
  3. I'd rather be dead than cool 😜
    ...which makes me cool is what I'm trying to say.
  4. I don't care what you think, unless it is about me 💁🏻
    Srsly tho ;)
  5. I'm a healthy student, indebted and so #grateful
    But please lower the APR on my student loan.
  6. Teenage angst has paid off well! ✌🏼️😎💸
    Now I'm a popular blogger!
  7. Hey, wait, I've got a new complaint...
    I could literally complain about anything #firstworldproblems
  8. I miss the comfort in being sad.
    But being sad is soooo 90's, plus I live on the West Coast.
  9. The day is done but I'm having fun!! I think I'm dumb...or maybe just #happy!!
    But also maybe a little dumb :)
  10. I'm buried up to my neck in contradictory lies.
    Bernie 2016!
  11. Give me a Leonard Cohen afterworld.
    Just Wikipedia'd Leonard Cohen and he seems legit.
  12. I'm so tired I can't sleep. I'm a liar and a thief. I'm anemic royalty. I'm on warm milk and laxatives, cherry-flavored antacids...
    I'm Justin Bieber.
  13. Invasion of our piracy!
    Comcast is fining me $2500 for illegal downloads :/
  14. Bi-polar opposites attract.
    Find me on Tinder, let's swap meds :)
  15. After dinner I had an ice cream, I fell asleep and watched TV
  16. Hate your #enemies, Save your #friends, Find your #place, Speak the #truth
    And now, without further ado, my video for Bad Blood!