1. I can leave the house in this.
  2. This is probably low-calorie.
  3. Just one more episode.
  4. I'm going to yoga early at 8:30 to stretch.
  5. I'm going to yoga.
  6. You only really need like A glass of water per day.
  7. If I cut my hair I won't twirl it.
  8. I look like a young Winona Ryder with this new haircut.
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    Only in this terrible photo of her that comes accompanied by a sad trombone sound.
  9. I can hit all the notes in this Adele song.
  10. I get all the sunshine I need between May and September.
    Pacific Northwest 🌲
  11. I have a great idea for a list.
  12. I'll only have one glass of wine
    Suggested by @daniellemariko