1. Have money already
    This is super helpful. If you CAN be born to wealthy and influential parents, DO.
  2. Steal
    Ideas, patents, beats, images, anything. The world is yours.
  3. Be Social
    The more of a spectacle you are, the better. People don't need to respect you, they need to be glued to you.
  4. Be Anti-Social
    See above, slight variation in vibe.
  5. Wake up early
    Do cocaine immediately.
  6. Exercise
    Exercise everything: your right to park all wonky over two spaces, your right to cut in lines (a line is a construct that only suckers subscribe to), your right to be a douchebag...exercise!
  7. Live in either NY or LA
    You can technically be successful anywhere, but like nobody in those other places will care one way or the other, so it doesn't count. Remember the old proverb: If man is personally satisfied, but nobody paid much attention to him, did he even exist?