1. Having a tea party with elves that dematerialize into stardust just before clean-up
  2. Singing lullabies to motes of dust suspended in a sunbeam
  3. Developing a musical notation specifically for pots and pans
  4. Sucking the blood of a small woodland creature for sustenance, granting it immortality
  5. Naked prancing
  6. Throwing cutlery off a cliff into the ocean, as a morning ritual
    It's not littering if you're Björk.
  7. Sleeping upright in a giant wardrobe, tended to by apparitions of Byzantine castrati
  8. Taking a bubble bath
  9. Casting a secret spell on someone who still hasn't responded to her text, so that when he opens his mouth to speak only bluebirds fly out; giggling mischievously
  10. Wondering what Michel Gondry is up to