Community Guidelines

We created to provide a forum to share ideas, opinions, experiences and expertise with others through the universal form of lists. We’re committed to maintaining a positive, supportive community and it is in that spirit that we’ve put together these Community Guidelines.

The guidelines below are intended to inform you on how to best help us maintain and foster a positive community. If you feel that a piece of content or an account is overstepping the bounds of these guidelines, please use the Report feature within the app. Lists, comments, and accounts can be flagged for our review. You can also email us at

By using, you are agreeing to these guidelines and our Terms of Use. Our aim is to ensure everyone using feels safe to freely express themselves. Using in a way that we believe violates our Community Guidelines can result in removal of content and/or disabling of an account.

Some key rules to list by:

No copying

The content of your lists shared on belongs to you and we are committed to protecting your work by ensuring a plagiarism-free environment. If you wish to share content that you do not own, please do so only with the permission of the author or in a way that clearly credits them. More detail on this can be found in our Terms of Use.

No one likes spam

We want to promote genuine interactions and therefore discourage any practices to artificially gain likes or followers. Reposting the same list multiple times, repetitive comments, creating fake accounts, or using to contact individuals for commercial gain can lead to the suspension or disabling of the account.

Obey the law

The law is the law, even on the internet. Soliciting sexual services, buying or selling controlled substances, including illegal and prescription drugs, firearms, alcohol, and tobacco, is strictly forbidden. We do not promote vandalism, theft, or threats to personal or public safety. Hate speech, blackmail, harassment, libel, threats, terrorism, organized crime, or hate groups will not be tolerated.

Let’s talk about sex, baby

Pornographic imagery of any kind is not allowed on and may be cause for immediate suspension of an account. Artistic and medical imagery that contains nudity will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, however only in self-evident cases will we allow nudity on, including photos, digitally-created renderings, or links to pornographic content.

We may also remove images that depict fully or partially-nude children, even if the images are shared without inappropriate intent.

Cyber-bullying is still bullying

Any content that encourages physical or psychological harm to another person, whether you refer to it as harassment, cyberbulling, or by another name, is not allowed. This attitude and activity is contrary to the intended spirit of

Your opinions are your opinions and we want you to express them. We understand that the line between a spirited discussion and malicious intent is difficult to draw. However, if we feel the clear intention is to provoke a negative feeling in another person, we may deem such content inappropriate for

Take advice at face value

Because of the sometimes deeply personal nature of, users may share information that warrants concern. If you or someone using requires medical or psychiatric attention, please seek professional care.

We are proud of the strong support system and access to helpful information that can be found on, but this service is not a substitute for professional care, and we cannot and do not endorse the advice of any account on as advice to follow.

The Golden rule

Above all, please help us foster a safe, positive, and open environment by being respectful of other people, ideas, and experiences. We are committed to ensuring everyone has a positive experience on by enforcing these Community Guidelines, as well as our Terms of Use.