Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. My patronus
    Just found out my patronus is a kitty or a 'nebulong cat' and I couldn't be happier-I had to send it to my brother and sister
  2. Camila Coelho's face
    She's got the best makeup ever. I screen shot her face so I could find this lipstick. It's only a little creepy right?
  3. Lucy's brother Doug on 50 First Dates
    My husband was joking about how he wanted to dress during our trip to Mexico. We came up with this as the example. He didn't look like this but his short shorts did leave little to the imagination.
  4. Humans of New York post
    I love humans of New York. This was just one of my favorites. I love when I come across this when scrolling through photos. It's one of my favorite captions.
  5. Super comfy target pajama pants
    I basically sent these to everyone and said if you find them in a large but them all and I will pay you all the money. They are the softest damn pants I've ever worn. I only ended up with two extras. Those will have to last my whole life hopefully.
  6. The Rock Clock
    My husband loves the rock. So I had to send him this pic when I saw it scroll through on Instagram. We both immediately downloaded the rock clock.
  7. Dametravler Instagram photo
    Always looking for new places to travel. This one was so pretty I didn't want to forget it. It's on the travel dream list.
  8. My sisters swept cat
    Mostly cause she always sleeps like this and it cracks me up.
  9. Chautauqua map
    I'm always afraid I won't have cell service hiking and will get lost. Need the maps!
  10. Selena Gomez at Disneyland
    I honestly have no idea where this is from. If I took it I have no recollection of it. Why?? Why is this here?? Also why do I apparently screen shot constantly?? This is like 1% of what's in this phone. I have a screen shot problem.