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No matter if it's big or small, the bedroom is a safe haven. We count it a privilege to be welcomed into these homes.
  1. India
    Little Krishna shares a loft made with corrugated tin sheets as the floor with his family.
  2. Tanzania
    Angel lays to rest one of her 2-year-old twin boys in their family bedroom.
  3. Thailand
    "I sleep on a mattress, in a mosquito net, with my two other friends," says 14-year-old Nuda.
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There are over a billion bicycles in the world. In the countries where we work, they can mean more than just a thing that gets you from point A to point B. Bicycles are sometimes the origin of HOPE.
  1. In Brazil
  2. In Uganda
  3. In Bangladesh
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For a child in poverty, a toy is more than just a toy
  1. It's his best friend
  2. It chases her bad dreams away
  3. It helps him discover what he wants to be when he grows up
  4. It helps them dream of adventures and a life bigger than their circumstances