Requested by @meg1
  1. Taco Bell serves beer.
    This is the most important thing I learned, bar none.
  2. You can get a liter of red wine for 69¢
    Close second, as importance goes.
  3. You can black out for 4€
    See above red wine prices.
  4. "Going out" doesn't happen until about midnight or one
    Don't expect to be back before five.
  5. Dinner is served at 9. Toddlers eat at 8, they'll laugh at you for trying to eat at 7.
  6. You get used to walking everywhere quicker than you'd think.
    28 miles in Paris the first day, didn't even notice.
  7. As "euro" as you may think you look, you will stick out like a sore thumb.
    Accept it and embrace it.
  8. Gypsys will try to steal your shit.
    I know, they're people too. But they took all my shit. I'm holding this grudge.
  9. Don't hit on European women unless you want to get laughed at.
    Even if you speak the language.