1. I've lived in Saint Louis for three years now
  2. I biked through the park for an hour today and saw the whole park for the first time
  3. There is so much water there! Lakes, ponds, rivers, creeks galore.
  4. Art hill is absolutely beautiful
  5. The houses that face art hill are even crazier. Old money of Saint Louis get the best views
  6. There are three golf courses there. Yes, three.
  7. It was designed by the same guy as Central Park, but afterwards. Apparently he took his favorite parts and made it even better.
  8. So many people walking dogs. Dogs make my day better every time.
  9. The worlds fair pavilion is on a very steep hill. Well worth the burning legs biking up to see the view.
  10. The zoo is badass. And 100% free.
  11. I love Forest Park, can't wait to ride the trails again soon.