a Midwest transplant goes to school in Boston and this is what I've noticed
  1. Dave Matthews Band
  2. Any and all country music really
  3. Aggressive driver
  4. Winter sports... like REALLY into it
  5. A second house where it's even colder and has more snow, to do said winter sport
    Preferably in a different state, usually New Hampshire or Vermont
  6. A third house in the Cape/Martha's Vineyard/Rockport areas
    For those summer weekend getaways~*
  7. Eat as many lobster rolls as physically possible like you're competitively eating
    Just because you can, not because you like it
  8. Nantucket Reds
  9. A guitar to play "Wagon Wheel" around a campfire
  10. Sperry's and L.L. Bean everything
  11. Painted wooden signs that say things like "Leave your flip flops at the door"
  12. Really anything nautical themed and navy blue with stripes
  13. Your favorite movie is Good Will Hunting
  14. Or anything with Matt Damon
  15. Tom Brady is GOAT no matter what anyone else says
  16. Boating to other islands in New England
  17. Birk sandals
  18. Monogrammed tote bags
  19. Lime rickeys and being in a state of disbelief when you meet people who don't know what rickeys are
    ok but it's really not THAT ridiculous not knowing that lime seltzers are given a human name here
  20. stubbornly loyal to Dunkin Donuts coffee
  21. croakies
    that's what those sunglass straps are called, right? literally didn't even know they deserved a name until I moved here they are hideous
  22. Vera Bradley, Lily Pulitzer, and Vineyard Vines