So my opinion. Based only on the ones I watched, obviously. I'm waiting for Star Wars to be released so I can make a list about how awesome it is.
  1. The Diary of a Teenage Girl
    Please find a way to see this if you haven't. I don't think it's in theaters anymore, and the DVD isn't released yet, but see it when it is.
  2. Inside Out
    Pete Docter never disappoints.
  3. Meru
    Such an intense and exciting documentary
  4. The End of the Tour
    Great acting by Jason Segel + Jesse Eisenberg
  5. The Second Mother
    One of my favorite foreign films! I usually don't like seeing foreign films because I don't like reading subtitles, but this film was captivating.
  6. The Martian
    Matt Damon's one man show! How could I not love it??!!
  7. Grandma
    First time seeing Lily Tomlin, but instantly became a fan!
  8. Bridge of Spies
    Tom Hanks + Steven Spielberg = ❤️
  9. Steve Jobs
    1. Michael Fassbender 2. Jeff Daniels 3. Aaron Sorkin 4. Danny Boyle
  10. Experimenter
    My favorite actor Peter Sarsgaard is in it. Just wish the director had more budget to shoot this film.
  11. Mistress America
    Wasn't quite like Frances Ha, but still liked it.