Any social media site (Usually Facebook.) This should clarify some things
  1. Look at the common friends
    See what kind of people they associate with
  2. Things they like
    Seeing what we have in common
  3. Hit like on a bunch of posts or photos of theirs
    Usually do this if I'm interested in them
  4. See if they have a phone number
    Then wait to ask if it's OK to text or call, just being polite
  5. Make things awkward so they know how weird I am =)
    Personal Favorite
  6. Hope that they don't get annoyed by me
    Yes, I've been told many times I'm annoying. Truth is I'm selective about who I open up to or talk with.
  7. If I'm interested, I'm straight with them about it
    I get tired of mind games being played on me