1. Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
    The show that started it all. Will always be the best.
  2. Moral Orel
    Perhaps the only show on this list that will definitely make you cry.
  3. Eagleheart
    Take post-modern comedy to a whole new level. Like most of these shows, this one works for casual watching; but if you really pay attention, I find that this show contains a multitude of layers.
  4. Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!
    This show pioneered an entire new sub genre of television comedy's, a claim not many shows can make.
  5. Delocated
    Of all the shows on this list, this show might go through the most development during the course of its run. The stark change from light comedy to daring drama was jarring to many viewers, but others appreciated seeing an evolution of this caliber on a show on this network.
  6. Rick and Morty
    Adult Swim's original shows go prime time. Come on, everybody loves it. And it's fuckin' Dan Harmon!
  7. The Boondocks
    I've long been a fan of The Boondocks comic strip, but the show gave Aaron Mcgruder even more creative freedom and created some of tv political satire at its best.
  8. Off The Air
    This show was made for me to come back to my dorm room stoned as hell during my sophomore year of college. Sorry, I had to say it...
  9. Home Movies
    Not really an adult swim original, but it pretty much is. I was the same age as Brendan Small (the character) when I watched this show, and I still find him to be one of the network's most relatable characters.
  10. Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
    The timing on this show is simply unmatched. It's such a dang silly show, and it just barely beat out Sealab 2021. I mean, it's got Stephen Colbert.