I work with kids and yeah
  1. "Mr. Connor, you got a booty chin!"
    I really don't think have one though?
  2. "I can't sit down, I'll get diabetes!"
    Uhm I don't think that's how it works...
  3. "How long will you...uhm...live?"
    A shy kindergartener asked to a guest speaker when he asked if anyone had any questions...
  4. "This spelling list is easy squeezy peasy"
    (She got a 30% but hey, it's the thought that counts)
  5. "You STANKY, Mr. Connor!"
    Thanks, I try!
  6. "Why are you so perfect?" *no response* "actually I know one reason you're not perfect: you're single!"
    Well she's not wrong...
  7. *we were eating fried chicken, bone in, for a snack* "Awh!!!! Look at the little bones! I'm so sad...but it was so good!"
  8. (More to come 😁)