1. your using you're yours wrong.
  2. you weren't award that autocorrect charged some of your worlds.
  3. you forgot to edit out similar items.
  4. when you started your sentence you were in the past tense but as it continues you are in the present tense which created problems with consistency.
  5. there are a few theirs that are they're incorrectly.
  6. some items are basically the same as earlier ones.
  7. Your punctuation and Capitalization are all-over the: place?
  8. half-finished thought
  9. you utilized bombastic parlance to elucidate relatively simplistic notions which only further obfuscated your primary intent.
  10. you used your from speech to text button to certain but to go back and get it for clarity.
  11. you explicitly limited your list's entries to ten in the title of your list but failed to adhere to that number in said list.