My List app ice-breaker:
  1. A photo of a phot. Me, at age... Young. In rainy Ireland. Btw I'm rocking the double denim look.
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  2. A photo of Humphrey our family Maltese pup. I love this photo. It's got a note from my dad telling Humph to make his own lunch since dad will be out all day. Classic.
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  3. Some awesome graffiti just outside Spitalfields in London. This was right next to where my girlfriend used to live. I don't know who the artists is.
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  4. Anyone who knows me, knows I love to draw. This is from an on-going theme of mine called 'scenes in a circle'.
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  5. Anyone who knows I love to draw, knows I love to draw flowers. Not only that but I love flowers in general. They're just the best. Fella's try buying your lady flowers for no reason. If you don't have a lady, give them to mum. It always goes a long way and they are amazing to draw!
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