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Honestly, I just need to vent
  1. Today is a rough day
  2. We're launching a national tour in 5 days and I'm missing assets from 25 venues
  3. We're throwing an office party and I'm supposed to email invites out today but I don't have the time
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Look, I get it, everyone has to do an internship at some point. But, try not to be a dipshit while you do it.
  1. They live on social media
    I swear to God, all they do is take selfies. Selfies with their Starbucks, selfies in the office, selfies of them taking selfies. Put your fucking phone down, your face hasn't changed since the photo you took 5 minutes ago.
  2. They use slang in daily conversation and emails
    I have never heard the words 'woke' or 'lit' so many times in one day. I know we work in the music industry and our office has a casual vibe but no one here is your bae.
  3. They think their job is difficult
    Yes, this internship requires just as much or maybe even more focus than your semester coursework. However, it is not so difficult that you should spend every hour telling us how tired you are or how much work you always have to do.
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An ever-changing list of things I like...
  1. Peeps Oreos
    They taste like marshmallow filled cookies! This shit will change your life. It will also give you diabetes but... worth it?
  2. Big Little Lies - HBO
    I never thought I'd be obsessed with a murder mystery/mommy drama but I'm fucking INTO IT. The cast is full of female powerhouses and the story lines are insanely good. Bonus: Zoe Kravitz is a dream 😍
  3. That Bra-less Lifestyle
    I stopped wearing an underwire bra about six months ago and it was amazing. Recently, I stopped wearing any sort of bra (no sports bra, no bralette, nothing) and it is better than amazing! Free range tits, guys! It's the new frontier!
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Thanatophobia: [than-uh-tuh-foh-bee-uh] noun, an abnormal fear of death.
  1. I have been afraid to die since childhood
    No, I did not witness any traumatic deaths or lose anyone very close at a young age.
  2. I was raised a Christian and used to believe in Heaven
    And the minute I learned about heaven, it terrified me.
  3. What scares me most about dying is that I will cease to be a conscious and aware being.
    I constantly imagine seeing that white light/tunnel and then, BOOM, nothingness.
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Because who doesn't want to celebrate national squirrel appreciation day...
  1. Inspire Your Heart With Art Day (January 31)
    My middle school art teacher is loving this
  2. Hoodie Hoo Day (February 20)
  3. If Pets Had Thumbs Day (March 3)
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