1. 😘 - Ambiguously affectionate. Suitable for both platonic and amorous purposes. Deliciously interpretive.
  2. 😉 - Multi-purposed wink: to indicate or soften sarcasm; for use in flirty banter; or merely delighting in my own cleverness of wit.
  3. 😂 - Genuine laughter elicited. Tears, not necessarily.
  4. 😜 - Formerly used during a brief but awkward period. Now phased out; relapse uncommon.
  5. 😩 - Whinge face. Most often used for grumbles about situations of my own creation, or complaints related to thesis.
  6. 🙊 - Cheeky monkey. Should be used well and often. No explanation needed.
  7. 😕 - I'm not sure what to say in this event without the aid of my real face.
  8. 😔 - "I know I am being pathetic, but I want your sympathy anyway."
  9. 😁 - Two-fold potential: I'm not really pulling this face, but I am probably excited about whatever it is on some deeper level; or, I am terrifyingly making this face and am extremely excited about whatever it is on all levels of consciousness.
  10. 😊 - You've got me actually smiling.
  11. 😍 - I either want to kiss it, eat it, or visit it. A rare trifecta is when I want to do all three. (Applies to people, food, and places.)