1. Rejoined Facebook after a 14 month hiatus.
  2. Posted an Instagram photo of the last time I was in the sun and enjoying myself.
  3. Went to Kikki K for stationery supplies.
  4. Put up motivational quotes around my office desk.
  5. Ate all of my meals for the day in three hours.
  6. Called my Mum to chat.
  7. Called my sister to chat.
  8. Messaged four friends to organise social events.
  9. Planned Halloween party costume.
  10. Applied for jobs overseas.
  11. Taught myself Prezi to impress students with my techno skills.
  12. Spent ten hours playing with Prezi, embedding videos, and selecting the perfect photographic background from my fieldwork.
  13. Had four hours sleep.
  14. Wrote lecture with 30 minutes before class to spare.
  15. Ad libbed for most of lecture.