1. Manage your team.
    Figure out how to communicate and keep things organized even though everyone works on different days in different places. Figure out a different way when the first way doesn't work.
  2. Handle your inbox.
    Delete the junk. Answer the easy ones. Think about solutions for answering the hard ones. Print some of them out for your bookkeeper (sorry trees). File some away so you can find them to reference later. Lose a bunch anyways. Leave some to deal with tomorrow.
  3. Design new products.
    Write card ideas on any paper you have within your arms reach. Make notes on your phone. Send yourself e-mails. Write down all the ideas you have, because today's bad ideas actually sound pretty good tomorrow. Take the best ideas and make them visual. Print them.
  4. Well, you don't actually print them yourself any more.
    You love to print, you'd love to print every day. But you're a mom now. Home is where you find yourself most days now, and you have an amazing printing assistant. You've trained her so well, you don't need to be there. So yeah, it's a little sad. But also awesome. Go back to your own job.
  5. Market your business.
    Stalk social media. Double tap things on Instagram. Think of witty things to say on Twitter. Sign on to Facebook. Get mad and close Facebook quickly. Start to write a blog post. Walk away from it for several days. You'll finish it later when the mood strikes. Find a podcast to sponsor. Listen to 1,000,000,000 podcasts. For, you know, research. Geek out about Podio. Research stationery stores. Get so excited about all the beautiful stationery boutiques in the world. E-mail your favorites.
  6. Take a walk.
    You're feeling stuck. You can't think of any new card ideas because you're a big dumb dummy. So get out and look at the sky. Oh! Look at that! I'm inspired by being the world and I just came up with 100 ideas. Now where's my paper?
  7. Omg cash flow.
    Uh oh, we need to pay some bills. What invoices have we not followed up on? How or what can I market to stimulate the money having? What is money anyway? It's just an abstract construct that we've all decided is important. Know what would be cool? Running a business without dealing with money. Where do I sign up for that job? Oh cool! We got a check in the mail. Until next time, cash flow thoughts!
  8. Make the retail shop look good.
    Where did this thing come from? Oh wow, we're already out of that? Who left their trash right here? Price some things. Get distracted midway through a task and come back to it later. Talk to whoever is in the shop. Say something ridiculous. Straighten stacks, rows and piles. Move everything in the shop approximate a quarter of an inch.
  9. Think about the nature of work and your role within your company.
    This thing used to be just me. I was the only one. Now when I don't show up, the shop still opens. The phone gets answered. We still do business. Whoa. My business used to exist only in my mind, and now we employ five people. That's bonkers. This is crazier than the existential money thoughts. Go drink more coffee and try not to think about it for a bit.