Between full time work, full time school, volunteering every week, and family I have no free time. Here's somethings I would do if I had some.
  1. Clean my apartment.
  2. Finish building my IKEA dresser.
    Seriously wishing I had just bought a pre-built dresser😥
  3. Read books that weren't assigned for class.
  4. Read so many books.
  5. Program more.
    So many side projects I want to do
    My body is wasting away
  7. Blog
  8. Entrepreneurial things
    I don't even know what kind, I just know I'd be doing them
  9. Organize my closet
    Get rid of the things from 2008 I don't wear anymore
  10. Write
  11. Complain about how little time I have
  12. Other things