Why I Love Every Song on Adele's Album

This began as a ranking of all the songs on Adele's new album, 25, but after I wanted to rank all the songs number 1, I realized it's impossible to rank such an amazing album. So incredibly good, every song. #talent
  1. Hello
  2. When We Were Young
    Because young love is the best love❤️
  3. Million Years Ago
    Because this sounds insanely similar to the song "There Are Worst Things I Could" from Grease and because Adele is singing about her regrets and it makes me feel all the feels.
  4. Remedy
    Because Adele can cure anyone from anything 💔➡️❤️
  5. Send My Love (To Your New Lover)
    Because when Adele says "just the guitar" you're like no Adele you don't even need the guitar and because the chorus is as addictive as a Taylor Swift song *taps foot and snaps*
  6. Water Under The Bridge
    Because she wants to stop the bullshit and say it's not working
  7. River Lea
    Because Adele is blaming her mistakes and her problems on a river and you're just like "What Adele?! You ight!?"
  8. All I Ask
    Because Adele is scared to never find love again and she is willing to leave the bad at the door and try again for one more night
  9. I Miss You
    Because Adele needs someone to "hold her tight when the lights go out" and that person is gone
  10. Love In The Dark
    Because she is sick of how much emotional and physical space "you" put between them
  11. Sweetest Devotion
    Because she is going back to her one and only ❤️