Who tf am I ?? In no specific order
  1. Chicagoan
    I've only lived here a total of about 6-7 years but I think that should qualify? I still don't know what the title really means
  2. I write
    Not as much as I should, but I'm sure I'm at least halfway decent
  3. Shawarma is my shit
    Self explanatory
  4. Mixed race
    This just means I have trouble fitting in most anywhere I.e. Born in the Philippines but I look more Hispanic and don't speak the language. With a legal name like Ricardo Villarreal, most might assume I don't speak English either for some reason
  5. Messy living spaces piss me off
    Messy home = messy mind
  6. Entrepreneur
    Trying hard to be
  7. Hip-Hop
    Meaning I hate a majority of the shit on the radio, and was raised on mos def, common, Kanye, ATCQ, and all the best of the early neo soul
  8. Sweets may be the death of me
    I workout to look and feel healthy, but also to be able to eat cookies and donuts whenever I feel like it
  9. Animal lover
    When I feel sad or alone, the zoo is my go-to. Don't start with that anti captivity crap l, please. Where else would you get the chance to see a damn lion if you grew up lower middle class?? Gtfoh
  10. Judd Apatow made my early 20s a better place
  11. Lost in Translation speaks to me on a very deep level that I'm still making sense of
  12. I'm grateful and thus very happy with my life
    This gets me through almost anything
  13. I'm confident and maybe a little crazy
    I feel like I'm meant to do something great.
  14. I wish I'd been raised near an ocean
    Waves really speak to me
  15. People say everything I hope to become is a dead end
    Fuck em
  16. I know there's more but this is a decent start