1. Danny Phantom
  2. Chip Skylark (fictional popstar in Fairly Odd Parents)
  3. Chad Michael Murray (in Freaky Friday)
  4. Chad Michael Murray (in A Cinderella Story)
  5. Aaron Samuels ❤️ (Mean Girls hottie)
  6. Link (of Legend of Zelda)
  7. Link (Hairspray)
  8. Troy Bolton (HSM)
    The highlights in his hair!!!
  9. Aziz (of Animal Crossing)
  10. Marth
    An unlockable character of Super Smash Bros. Melee
  11. Gordo (Lizzie McGuire's bff)
  12. Michael (in Zoey 101)
    Manlier than James, more chill than Logan, more confident than Chase. Perfect man at PCA.
  13. Uncle Jesse
  14. Jesse McCartney
  15. Julian (Barbie's The Princess and the Pauper)
  16. Aaron Carter
    "Aaron's Party" is now what I use as an alarm clock.
  17. Raymond (Aquamarine's bf)
  18. Every male lead in a Bring it On movie
  19. Danny (As the Bell Rings)
    This guy now makes music in the duo MKTO
  20. Tom Brady
    There was a life sized cardboard standee of him in my elementary school. Fun fact: I confused him with Brad Pitt on many occasions in those years.