1. In the summer before second grade, I invited nine girls from class to my birthday party.
  2. The theme was dogs and puppies!
  3. My bff Caroline said she was packing because she was moving, so she couldn't go.
  4. Caroline's bff Hannah said she had to help her pack, so she couldn't go either.
    Um?????? We were like seven years old. Why would a seven year old child need another seven year old child to help her move?
  5. Ok, all is well, right? Seven people can still come to my party!
  6. WRONG
  7. Two people came!!!!
  9. To be honest, I didn't like either of the girls that came, and one of them gave me a Groovy Girl doll, and I was soooo over Groovy Girls.
  10. I told this girl that I didn't like the Groovy Girl she gave me.
  11. When the party was over my mom gave me a speech about why it was wrong to tell her I didn't like the Groovy Girl, even though she thought it was funny when I did it.
  12. This was the last birthday party I've thrown, and the day I learned about white lies.