Cape Cod, Massachusetts is a tourist trap. In the summer, Cape Cod sees more than 300,000 tourists. For those of us who live on cape year round, our lives are seen as a little puzzling. Here are some things that people tell or ask me about living on Cape Cod year round.
  1. "Does Cape Cod close in the winter?"
    A popular misconception among visitors. I heard this in a Stop & Shop over the summer. However, Cape Cod happily welcomes people year round, even through below freezing temperatures and blizzards.
  2. "You must love going to the beach!"
    Although you would think Cape Codders get sick of their surroundings, we love the beach just as much as tourists. However, we have our own secret getaways. (And to any guests: please don't bring your dogs to beaches where they aren't allowed! The guys and girls working at the beaches work long days under the sun dealing with frustrated tourists. Please show them some them respect.)
  3. "What do you do here?"
    Most people come to the Cape and stay for a week a time, or less. We are a very small community, so it usually just takes a week to see everything we have to offer. So the question is, what do we do all year long? We are just regular people who work and go out to eat. Of course we can't shop designer brands or go to amusement parks, but we live humble lives.
  4. "You must love seafood!"
    This question has two answers: yes, and no. I have yet to meet anyone that really loves codfish, our most abundant fish (yes, Cape Cod was named after the codfish). This is really a question about taste. For visitors, I would recommend looking for reviews written by locals before choosing a restaurant.
  5. "I could never raise my kids here"
    This was said by my older brother's girlfriend from Pennsylvania. Cape Cod has a very old population, with a very high amount of senior citizens, because it is expensive to live in this beautiful place. That being said, we don't have a lot of family attractions. However, there are a few amazing schools on cape with bright students and impeccable sports programs.
  6. "You are so lucky!"
    As a cape kid, I never considered myself lucky to live in "the most boring place on earth". However, after seeing other parts of the world, I love my home more than ever. Never ever take your hometown for granted.