it is what it is
  1. Our Song (Taylor Swift, 2008)
    A fav. It's v sweet and cute and cleverly written, as many of Taylor's songs are. It was my alarm when we were in China, and it made my roommate hate the song while we were there. Is this song underrated? I don't have a good grasp on what is or isn't underrated.
  2. Last Kiss (Sparks Fly, 2010)
    ^best bit of the song. I'd argue that this is the best Taylor swift break up song. It's not super blamey and captures longing and missing so well?? It's very 'wallow in sadness', which is something everyone probably does even for at least fifteen minutes, and it's so /real/ idk im probably not eloquent enough to make this list but who cares. (EDIT: I FORGOT ABOUT ALL TOO WELL. Anyway, lyrically this is better I think. All Too Well has better escalating music)