a photodump

  1. mr. cat on the bed next to me when i got home from school (01/25/17)
  2. went to the strawberry fields in la trinidad during a weekend trip to Baguio for justine's birthday (01/22/17)
  3. the wifi ssid and password of il padrino in baguio (12/30/16)
  4. drank bottomless lambanog-mojito (lambajito) in Cuesina(?). It tastes good. I drank three (just tipsy tho) (01/27/17)
  5. Found this photo of Harry being used as a reaction photo and idk where it's from but it's circa 2015/early 2016 based on his hair. Anyway this is mood (except replace the wine with a margarita or mojito or baileys any other sweet mixed drink)
  7. Taken before the LAE in the parking lot bathroom because they weren't letting people in the building yet and I had to pee
  8. Where are these streets tho? Will this affect my route to school?